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[las_users] Error when requesting Difference Mode plots with LAS v8.4

After displaying two plots from the same dataset, clicking the Difference Mode button generates the following error:

syntax error, unexpected WORD_STRING, expecting WORD_WORD
context: Error { code = 500; message = "java.io.IOException: Cant read /usr/local/tomcat/content/las/conf/server/data/atmos_temp/data_usr_local_fer_data_data_ISCCPMonthly_avg.nc_near_surf_air_temp_init_tsa_tovs.jnl: not a valid CDM file."^;};
 **Internet Data error
             NetCDF: DAP server error (OPeNDAP/netCDF Error code -70)
             Data set: http://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/thredds/dodsC/las/atmos_temp/data_usr_local_fer_data_data_ISCCPMonthly_avg.nc_near_surf_air_temp_init_tsa_tovs.jnl
If the dataset is accessible to create the compare 2 plots, any ideas why creating the difference plot fails?

To recreate this error, go to mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov, click 'Explore NASA Data", "Advanced LAS", Dataset, Atmosphere, Atmospheric Temperature, Monthly Near-Surface Temperature(ISCCP), Compare 2, select two different dates, and click Difference Mode.  (Thredds version is 4.3.23 –20140826.1617).

Any ideas how to work around this?
Penny Oots

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