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[las_users] Experts kindly help -- installation and configuration setting for Live access server

As per the ferret documentation I have installed live access server, these are the details of installation

hostname = las
Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) = las.nio.org
port 8080 both for tomcat and http server

I have provided tomcat full domain name as las.nio.org and http proxy full domain name as las.nio.org:8080. For this I got interface as http://las.nio.org.8080/las

product server detail


when I try to see the plot I am getting this error, even though mysql containing database name LAS_insitu_demo and tables.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide what you have asked for.
Database access failed: SELECT Latitude, Longitude, t, Salinity,Salinity FROM Indian WHERE (Salinity<-999.0001 OR Salinity>-998.9999) AND (Salinity<-999.0001 OR Salinity>-998.9999) AND ((Longitude>=20.0) AND (Longitude<=40.0)) AND ((Latitude>=-75) AND (Latitude<=30)) AND ((Depth>=0) AND (Depth<=6500)) AND ((t>=19771207) AND (t<=19891223))

So my questions are

1. How do I modify the LAS page details like, company logo, about us, contact us,which file I need to modify and how to run modified file in order to have change in LAS page preview.

2.How do I put data into LAS ,whether its possible without using mysql database, I mean if I keep netcdf files in directory /las/data whether it works ?

3. I didn't understand about apache ant compilation and execution process.

experts kindly help with examples if possible, because I am new to this server installation.

Thanks in advance,

With Best Regards,

Akshay Hegde,
Data and Information Center,
National Institute of Oceanography,
Dona Paula, Panjim,
Goa - 403004

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