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[las_users] Extracting file path for various data sets

Hi all,

Is there a way to get the file path as a string for each of my data sets? Specifically, I am looking for what comes after "FILEPATH" when LIST'ing a variable, and I would like it placed into a variable.

yes? list G_DZT
             VARIABLE : thickness t grid (m)
             FILENAME : tavg.15000.01.01.nc
             FILEPATH : r8_riv/xSOw/1.0/
             SUBSET   : 27 points (Z (m))
 7.5    /  1:   20.0
 [... clipped...]

This, coupled with 
    LET path = {SPAWN:"pwd"}
will give me the full file path.

If it would be possible to have this variable exist for all my data sets, that would be even better! I can think of some very roundabout ways involving LIST'ing a variable that we know will exist and GREP'ing the output, but hope there's a better way.


Geoff Stanley

Climate Modelling Group
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC

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