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[las_users] Error from addXML with THREDDs link.

The following 'addXML.sh' execution gave the following error:
% addXML.sh -n http://thredds.jpl.nasa.gov/thredds/dodsC/sea_surface_temperature/2010_JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-G1SST_v01-fv01_0-G1SST.nc
ERROR addXML - Unable to open dataset at http://thredds.jpl.nasa.gov/thredds/dodsC/sea_surface_temperature/2010_JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-G1SST_v01-fv01_0-G1SST.nc
ERROR addXML - No grids were found in the input data sets.
ERROR addXML - Check to see if the OPeNDAP servers being referenced are running.
ERROR addXML - Verify that the netCDF files referenced are COARDS or CF compliant.

Is this due to 'time' not being CF compliant?  If so, how do I go about in THREDDS with NCML configure the aggregation so that 'time' is CF compliant.  Explanation below of how 'time' is configured.


The above Virtual NetCDF have the following configuration in THREDDs where I used the 'dateFormatMark' variable to determine 'time' without having to uncompress/open every single 1KM global daily granule (ie. ~3Gbytes uncompressed per granule).  This in turn resulted to an Array of Strings type format for 'time' which is not CF compliant:

   <dataset name="2010 JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-G1SST Time Aggregation" ID="2010_JPL_OUROCEAN-LUHfnd-GLOB-G1SST" urlPath="sea_surface_temperature/2010_JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-G1SST_v01-fv01_0-G1SST.nc">
      <netcdf xmlns="
         <aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting">
            <scan location="/usr/ftp/allData/ghrsst/data/L4/GLOB/JPL_OUROCEAN/G1SST/2010/" regExp=".*JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-v01-fv01_0-G1SST.nc.bz2$" dateFormatMark="#yyyyMMdd" />
      <metadata inherited="true">
      <documentation xlink:href="">http://podaac.jpl.nasa.gov/dataset/JPL_OUROCEAN-L4UHfnd-GLOB-G1SST" xlink:title="GHRSST Level 4 G1SST Global Foundation SST Documentation"></documentation>

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Rosanna Sumagaysay-Aouda
Physical Oceanography DAAC
Mail Stop:  Raytheon-299
"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." - Mark Twain

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