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[las_users] time series plot problems in LAS 7.1.2

Dear LAS developers and users,

I had some strange time series plot problems in LAS 7.1.2:

**ERROR: illegal limits: T on grid (G004) does not exist at T=20-NOV-1991 12:00
          Axis extremes are T=05-DEC-1991 00:00:01-JAN-1992 00:00
DEFINE SYMBOL taxlo = `TAX_DATESTRING(t[gt=the_plot_var,t=805452],t[gt=the_plot_var,t=805452], "min")`

The problem is, that I chose the 05-DEC-1991 as start date in the LAS user interface. I think in the problem occurs, when xaxlo is calculated in LAS_results.jnl by
DEFINE SYMBOL xaxlo = `($XAXIS_MIN) - 360`
and then the TAX_DATESTRING function tries to find a date which is not in the limits of the dataset.

I wondered, if I could delete the following part from LAS_results.jnl, where TAXLO and TAXHI are calculated:

IF `($ax_horiz"0|T>1|*>0")` THEN
      DEFINE SYMBOL taxlo = \
`TAX_DATESTRING(t[gt=the_plot_var,t=($xaxlo)],t[gt=the_plot_var,t=($xaxlo)], "min")`
      DEFINE SYMBOL taxhi = \
`TAX_DATESTRING(t[gt=the_plot_var,t=($xaxhi)],t[gt=the_plot_var,t=($xaxhi)], "min")`
      DEFINE SYMBOL taxis_dir = horiz

Is it true, that TAXLO and TAXHI are never used in this Version of LAS?
I did not find any file which reads in TAXLO and TAXHI from the mapscale-file.

I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions. Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

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