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[las_users] problem in curvilinear data


i follow the adding curvilinear data instructions a form the LAS web site.
I add dataset but when i plot it, i get following error,

*** NOTE: Units on axis "level" are not recognized: Pa
 *** NOTE: They will not be convertible:
 **ERROR: command syntax: ABS(  - 32.687 )
          ( before - is illegal
          negative constants need to be enclosed in parentheses
DEFINE VARIABLE ylodiff =  ABS(  - 32.687 )
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted
STOP -script mode, ERROR RUNNING SCRIPT statement executed

i define the parameters in my data set xml file. My xml file as follows,

 <trccs_cdf name="Demo Curvilinear data"

  <!-- Default properties for this dataset -->
    <curvi_coord_lon>lon</curvi_coord_lon> <!-- curv. coords -->
    <curvi_coord_lat>lat</curvi_coord_lat>  <!-- curv. coords -->
   <t2ave name="2m average temperature" units="K">
    <link match="/lasdata/grids/trccs_cdf_X_Y_MT_grid"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/trccs_cdf_X"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/trccs_cdf_Y"/>
  <link match="/lasdata/axes/trccs_cdf_MT"/>
<!-- The X and Y ranges here are the ranges for the curvilinear
     coordinates, not the coordinate axes of the variables -->
 <trccs_cdf_X type="x" units="degrees_east">
  <arange start="24.316" step="0.1131" size="201"/>
 <trccs_cdf_Y type="y" units="degrees_north">
  <arange start="32.687" step="0.09772" size="114"/>
 <trccs_cdf_MT type="t" units="month">
  <arange start="2001-08-01" step="1" size="113"/>

any suggestion will be helpful for me.

best regards


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