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[las_users] LAS Armstrong 1.1.1 Patch Release (Ferret scripts only)


We discovered a few problems with the new automatic setting of the contour levels in LAS.  We have decided to make an immediate patch release of the Ferret scripts that are part of LAS Armstrong 1.1.

There are two paths to upgrade:

  1. Download the entire package and reinstall LAS.  (ftp://ftp.pmel.noaa.gov/pub/las/las.armstrong.1.1.1.tar.gz).
  2. Download the "scripts only" tar file and install the scripts into an existing Armstrong 1.1 location.
    1. Download the tar file (ftp://ftp.pmel.noaa.gov/pub/las/las.armstrong.1.1.1.scripts_only.tar.gz)
    2. cd $LAS_HOME
    3. rm JavaSource/resources/ferret/scripts/*
    4. tar --guznip -xvf /path/to/las.armstrong.1.1.1.scripts_only.tar.gz
    5. ./stopserver.sh
    6. ant clean
    7. ant deploy
    8. ./startserver.sh
Sorry for the inconvenience and as always, send your questions or comments to the list.


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