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[las_users] Announcing LAS Armstrong 1.1

Hi Folks,

We are happy to announce that LAS Armstrong 1.1 is ready for download.  This is a features and bug fix release for the classic user interface and the product server.  The Alpha release of the version 7 user interface is unchanged with this release.

New Features

  1. Support for WMS requests to an LAS
  2. Comparisons are now allowed where one or both of the operands are user defined variables.
  3. Better defaults for animation initialization and contour levels.
  4. All 2D views allow an interactive plot that allows the user to select a new zoom region directly on the plot.
  5. New documentation for configuring data sets with curvilinear coordinates or hybrid-z vertical coordinates.
  6. Command-line testing tool can be used to test LAS availability.  Tests can be scripted and run by cron jobs.
  7. Where possible date selections are now controlled by "smart" widgets that prevent dates outside the time range or illegal dates from being selected.
  8. Automatic striding of data selection applied when plotting from extremely high resolution data sources.
  9. Numerous bug fixes.
The Release Notes are here: http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/LAS/documentation/release-notes-for-las/ (scroll down the section the section on Armstrong 1.1).

The LAS Team: Ansley, Jeremy, Jing, Jon, Kevin, Roland and Steve

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