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[las_users] Re: LAS problems with netcdf and text output files

Ansley Manke wrote:
Hi all,
This may be a Ferret bug. Hartmut, does the LAS server use Ferret v6.0? And, does the data have irregularly spaced axes? If so I think that providing you with Ferret v6.02 (not released quite yet) will solve this. I'm in the las stages of producing the documentation and plan to make the release today or Monday


thank you very much, the ferret update did the trick, the download to netcdf files works fine now.

In a probably unrelated matter - downloading the data to a text file from multiple variables within the same data set doesn't seem to work, the request is stalled for a while and eventually the LASserver.pl process dies.

The ps_timeout is set to its default value of 3600 and I've raised ui_timeout to 1200.

I get a popup window with the message

type Exception report
description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

The output subdirectory contains a txt file that seems to have all the requested data in it. It's about 14 MB large, is this simply too big to be displayed in a window?

Thanks in advance,
-- Hartmut

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