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[las_users] LAS problem with netcdf output - variable not found


I can't get netcdf files from my LAS server at


This seems to be the case for any variable. The core of the error message is e.g. for air_temp from metsys 2006:

yes? set region/x="-118.70490000000001"/y="33.9363"/k=1/t="01-Jan-2006 00:00:00":"31-Dec-2007 23:00:00" yes? GO "jnls/std_list.jnl" "1" "air_temp" "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f.nc" "cdf" "0"
 ** netCDF error: Variable not found
 failure writing to CDF output file
list/append/file/format=cdf air_temp[d=1]
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Other outputs (plots, ASCII files) work fine.

The file "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f.nc" doesn't exist, there is only "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f_batch.html" containing the same error message.

The LAS (v. runs on a Mandriva Linux workstation.

I appreciate any help!
-- Hartmut

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