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Re: [las_users] LAS problem with netcdf output - variable not found

Hi all,
This may be a Ferret bug. Hartmut, does the LAS server use Ferret v6.0? And, does the data have irregularly spaced axes? If so I think that providing you with Ferret v6.02 (not released quite yet) will solve this. I'm in the las stages of producing the documentation and plan to make the release today or Monday


Roland Schweitzer wrote:

I looked at the server and I can't see anything obvious that is wrong with the setup so we'll need to dig a little deeper. Can you please send us or make available by ftp one example data file and the LAS configuration for that file. We'll put it in some of our servers and see if we can track down the problem.


Hartmut Frenzel wrote:

I can't get netcdf files from my LAS server at


This seems to be the case for any variable. The core of the error message is e.g. for air_temp from metsys 2006:

yes? set region/x="-118.70490000000001"/y="33.9363"/k=1/t="01-Jan-2006 00:00:00":"31-Dec-2007 23:00:00" yes? GO "jnls/std_list.jnl" "1" "air_temp" "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f.nc" "cdf" "0"
 ** netCDF error: Variable not found
 failure writing to CDF output file
list/append/file/format=cdf air_temp[d=1]
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Other outputs (plots, ASCII files) work fine.

The file "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f.nc" doesn't exist, there is only "output/bea052d33a2b43fbf615ae721dd3730f_batch.html" containing the same error message.

The LAS (v. runs on a Mandriva Linux workstation.

I appreciate any help!
-- Hartmut


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