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[las_users] Impossible to reproduce an error from las.aviso.oceanobs.com

Hi all las users,

With my LAS 6.4.2 http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com i have an error with the dataset Maps of Absolute Dynamic topography Merged.
When I copy the command on the server, all is OK and the plot is done. Where can I search the error ?

yes? cancel mode verify
yes? set mode interp
yes? set mem/size=127
Cached data cleared from memory
yes? define symbol view_centered = no
yes? define symbol memsize = 127
yes? define symbol script_prefix = oer_
yes? canc data/all
yes? go std_initialize "http://opendap.aviso.oceanobs.com/thredds/dodsC/merged/h/madt_oer_merged_h"; "1" "1" "grid_0001"
*** NOTE: Units on axis "LatLon" are not recognized: count
*** NOTE: They will not be convertible:
yes? set region/x="-74":"-21"/y="10":"45"/k=1/t="11-Jan-2006":"11-Jan-2006"
yes? set win/size=.5
yes? set win/asp=0.990566037735849
yes? GO "/tmp/lasgo209973589096.jnl"
** netCDF error:

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