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[las_users] automatic update of data file

Hello LAS users and developers,

on my LAS

I have one data set (Santa Monica Pier Station) that points to a data file which is updated automatically every day. However, I can access only data up to the date since I last ran "make" in the server directory (Dec 21, 2005). The configuration file for this data set, which is referred to in las.xml, looks like this:

<id-7bc351d153 name="Santa Monica Pier Station"
<temp-id-7bc351d153 name="Temperature" units="degC" url="#temp">
<link match="/lasdata/grids/grid-lon-lat-time-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/lon-x-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/lat-y-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/time-t-id-7bc351d153" />
<lon-x-id-7bc351d153 type="x" units="degrees_east">
<lat-y-id-7bc351d153 type="y" units="degrees_north">
<time-t-id-7bc351d153 type="t" units="hours"
display_lo="2005-Apr-04" display_hi="2006-Dec-31">
<arange start="2005-Apr-04" size="100000" step="1"/>

-> The date range is to the end of 2006, so this is not the problem. It seems that the range is fixed whenever I run "make".

Is there a way to have it extended automatically to whatever the latest entry in the netcdf data file is?

Thanks in advance,
-- Hartmut

P.S.: I think it would be more helpful if on page

in paragraph

Where do I get help using LAS?
Help is available through a users email list, the email list archives, and answers to frequently asked questions.

the "email list archives" link pointed to


instead of


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