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Re: [las_users] automatic update of data file


There is no automatic way to have LAS update the time selectors in the interface. But your approach of setting the time axis to be very long and the setting 'display_hi' out in the future should work.

Your problem may have to do with cacheing done by LAS or by OPeNDAP if you are using data from a remote server. You may wish to turn off cacheing for some of your datasets in order to prevent cache hits:


This may solve your problem of not seeing the most recent data.

-- Jon

Hartmut Frenzel wrote:

Hello LAS users and developers,

on my LAS

I have one data set (Santa Monica Pier Station) that points to a data file which is updated automatically every day. However, I can access only data up to the date since I last ran "make" in the server directory (Dec 21, 2005). The configuration file for this data set, which is referred to in las.xml, looks like this:

<id-7bc351d153 name="Santa Monica Pier Station"
<temp-id-7bc351d153 name="Temperature" units="degC" url="#temp">
<link match="/lasdata/grids/grid-lon-lat-time-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/lon-x-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/lat-y-id-7bc351d153" />
<link match="/lasdata/axes/time-t-id-7bc351d153" />
<lon-x-id-7bc351d153 type="x" units="degrees_east">
<lat-y-id-7bc351d153 type="y" units="degrees_north">
<time-t-id-7bc351d153 type="t" units="hours"
display_lo="2005-Apr-04" display_hi="2006-Dec-31">
<arange start="2005-Apr-04" size="100000" step="1"/>

-> The date range is to the end of 2006, so this is not the problem. It seems that the range is fixed whenever I run "make".

Is there a way to have it extended automatically to whatever the latest entry in the netcdf data file is?

Thanks in advance,
-- Hartmut

P.S.: I think it would be more helpful if on page

in paragraph

Where do I get help using LAS?
Help is available through a users email list, the email list archives, and answers to frequently asked questions.

the "email list archives" link pointed to


instead of


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