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Re: [las_users] 1019 XML files


Yes, we know what is causing this problem. There is either a bug or a limitation in the Perl libraries that parse. This bug limits the number of external entities that can be parsed. In order to get around this problem you simply need to reduce the number of files which you use to store you XML configuration information. You don't have to limit the number of data sets you have in your LAS, just the number of XML entities that you reference in las.xml.

In order to do this, it might help to be clear on one aspect of the LAS configuration process. *There is only one LAS configuration file, all of the other "XML files" are included in this file via XML ENTITY declarations.* Separating data set descriptions into different files is merely a convenience for the installer. If this is causing problems with the Perl libraries, put related data set descriptions together in the same file to reduce the number of external entities that must be referenced by the Perl library.


cch wrote:
Hi, Ben,
I have this question, too.
I used linux command 'xmlwf' to test the las.xml is well-form or not?
And I tried to write a simple test perl to parse lals.xml.
But I still don't know how to solve this problem now.
You can see our experience in http://ferret.wrc.noaa.gov/mail_archives/las_users/fu_2006/msg00048.html.
Maybe this could help you to get a good idea, and help me.
Wow!! My chief engineer ask me to separate the las.xml into two files, and run genLas.pl two times. :(

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Our data holdings have grown steadily and we now have over 1,000
XML files t
o generate our LAS menus. At 1,019 or more XML files we get an
error as fol
lows (1,018 or fewer work successfully):
DB host:
DB login name:
DB password:
Can't parse las.xml at ../xml/perl/genLas.pl line 289
make: *** [generate] Error 255

The ones that fail (i.e. 1,020 and above) work OK if they are
substituted in
to the 1,018 that work successfully.

Has anyone been able to do a make with 1,020 or more XML files?

Any ideas on what would be causing this problem/limitation?

Thanks in advance,


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