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Problem of memory with LAS

Hi all,

I have 3 LAS 6.1 installed on a machine, with 1 Apache and 3 Tomcat.
Today, I have request the LAS AVISO (http://las.aviso.oceanobs.com) : no image in the result.
Cause : disc full on the computer (100% used on /homelocal = 800Mo).
I check different log file etc... No problem with that.
I try to add up the size of the 3 directory in /homelocal : I find less than 800Mo !

I decided to stop all the server (the 3 Tomcat and the Apache) : wonderfull, 400Mo avalaible !

Have you got an idea for this problem ?
Is it the cache of the LAS ? This is not some files, because I didn't saw them on the filesystem.

Regards, Tony

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