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Re: Longitude weirdness


What does your XML file x-axis definition look like?
Is your NetCDF longitude coordinate variable set to modulo?

Steve Cousins wrote:

> I have some data sets that have longitude values from 20.0 to 380.0.  I'm
> not sure why.  I've brought this into a LAS 5.1 server and am trying to
> navigate with the map.  The original map that comes up works fine if I hit
> the get data button.  However, if I try to specify my own section the
> outline box is pushed way over to the left side of the map and I can't get
> it to come out.  The values in the Latitude dialogs specify:
>         18.0 E          19.859375 E
> As a test I changed the NetCDF file to have values just from 0 to 360.0
> and everything worked fine, except of course, that everything was shifted
> by 20.0 degrees.  I've also tried changing the "bounds" values in ui.xml.
> Is there some way of specifying the values in the NetCDF file differently
> in order to allow this to work?  Some other way?
> Thanks very much,
> Steve
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