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Re: Support for Mac OS browsers...

Joe (and other that have responded),

Thanks for the summary of your experiences using Mac OS browsers.

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Joe Wielgosz wrote:

> Roland, FYI, the way to disable the applet for a specific session is to
> start from the following page:
> 	http://someserver/las/servlets/dataset?use_java=false
> instead of
> 	http://someserver/las/servlets/dataset
> When you get to the constraint page,  you just get the text boxes, and
> the preset region menu, but no applet.

Ok.  Thanks for the tip.

>   Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that the only platform/browser
> combinations that *can* handle this applet properly are Windows/IE or
> the obsolete Windows/Netscape 4.7.

At home I use Windows XP and Netscape 7.0 which works quite well applet
and all.

> Some suggestions:
> Maybe LAS should only try to serve the applet to clients that are
> running Windows?

Seems pretty brute force.  All those folks in the "I switched" ads won't
be pleased that we're punting on trying to resolve the problem.

> And in the long run, if the applet compatibility problems can't be
> solved, perhaps Javascript or even Flash/Shockwave, would work on a
> wider range of browsers?

Either of those have their own problems, but it might be better.  Who


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