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Re: Support for Mac OS browsers...

Hi Roland,

The real problem is that there are many browsers on many platforms that don't conform to standards for JavaScript or to the LIveConnect standards for interfacing JavaScript with Java.

Version 6.1 of LAS has automatic "failover" where the browser will automatically redirect the user to a constraints page that doesn't use the applet (the equivalent of use_java=false) if the browser encounters problems. That will take care of many of the JavaScript/Java interaction problems on many browser/platform combinations. I'm not sure when this version will be released (I'm leaving the LAS group soon and am no longer involved in release decisions).

At 12:17 PM 1/22/2003 -0700, Roland Schweitzer wrote:
Joe (and other that have responded),

Thanks for the summary of your experiences using Mac OS browsers.

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Joe Wielgosz wrote:

> Roland, FYI, the way to disable the applet for a specific session is to
> start from the following page:
>       http://someserver/las/servlets/dataset?use_java=false
> instead of
>       http://someserver/las/servlets/dataset
> When you get to the constraint page,  you just get the text boxes, and
> the preset region menu, but no applet.

Ok.  Thanks for the tip.

>   Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that the only platform/browser
> combinations that *can* handle this applet properly are Windows/IE or
> the obsolete Windows/Netscape 4.7.

At home I use Windows XP and Netscape 7.0 which works quite well applet
and all.

> Some suggestions:
> Maybe LAS should only try to serve the applet to clients that are
> running Windows?

Seems pretty brute force.  All those folks in the "I switched" ads won't
be pleased that we're punting on trying to resolve the problem.

> And in the long run, if the applet compatibility problems can't be
> solved, perhaps Javascript or even Flash/Shockwave, would work on a
> wider range of browsers?

Either of those have their own problems, but it might be better.  Who


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