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Hi Rong,

X Windows emulation software from StarNet is known to work with Ferret.  Perhaps the problem is in the X windows setup you are using. Starting Ferret with the
'ferret -gif' command will create the file correctly. In order to see the image before saving it you will probably need to change the X server visual setting from
TrueColor(24-bit)  to PseudoColor (8-bit). The next release (v5.41) of Ferret will work with  TrueColor.


Rong wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> Thank you very much for your very fast reply and consideration.I try the command and
> I can creat a GIF file on a Unix system,but cannot achieve it on PC yet.It is the reason of my X windows?I run a X-win32 of StarNet Communications Corp.on my PC.
> Regards,
> Rong
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>               Name: fox.gif
>    fox.gif    Type: GIF Image (image/gif)
>           Encoding: base64

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