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Custom Ferret Palette?

How do I make a custom palette in LAS/Ferret?

I found what seems to be the standard palettes in /usr/local/ferret/ppl
and I naively copied one (e.g., yellow.spk) to another (e.g.,
land_256.spk) and then defined a ferret property in my LAS configuration
file to use land_256 for a particular variable.

However, when I tried that I got an internal server error, and
GenericLAS_debug.txt has a bunch of lines that say "gsetcolourrep()   96
Colour is outside range [0,1]". In fact, even when I refer to a
non-existent palette I get the same results.

Incidentally, I'm calling the palette land_256 because I'd like to
display an image in 256 colors. I'm using fill_levels to indicate that I
want 256 colors, but I got an error saying that fill_levels cannot be
set greater than 250. Am I using the wrong ferret property, or can
ferret really not display more than 250 colors?



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