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Re: las5.2 on port 8888

The following patch to lasxml/server/LAS/Server.pm will fix this:

<     my $imageURL = "http://" . $ENV{SERVER_NAME} . $loc . basename($self->{file});
>     my $imageURL = "http://" . $ENV{SERVER_NAME} . ":" . $ENV{SERVER_PORT} . $loc . basename($self->{file});

At 05:12 PM 6/4/2002 -1000, shen yingshuo wrote:
hi... if anyone has used las5.2 on apache other than port 80  ?  the problem of this new release is that when you chose to view a gif plot.. it in fact reads las-out/somekind.html  which includes a gif file...  i checked the this html file.. and found out that the port number is not included which is okay for port 80 but not other port numbers..
i am running 5.0 on port 80... so.. .this new beta testing has to be some other port..

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