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Re: LAS applet parameters


If you've got LAS v5.0 or less then you can proceed exactly as you
suggest.  The new image and boundaries will be used for all datasets
served by this LAS.

However, if you upgrade to LAS v5.2 then you can specify a different map
at each server, dataset or variable level.  This is the preferred
alternative as it allows you to serve multiple datasets from a single
interface.  The user interface configurability in LAS v5.2 is GREATLY
increased over previous releases.

-- Jon

Peggy Li wrote:
> Jonathan,
> I have another LiveMap customization question.  I am using LAS to serve
> a regional dataset that covers only 20x20 degrees.  Can I display a
> regional image of my own instead of a global image that comes with LAS?
> Can I just change the parameters to LiveMap_30 in ui/upper.html to my
> own image and its covered range?  Or do I have to change the Java code
> that is not included in the LAS distribution?
>      <APPLET CODEBASE="LiveMap/classes/"
>         ARCHIVE="LiveMap_30.jar"
>         CODE="LiveMap_30.class"
>         NAME="map" MAYSCRIPT WIDTH=525 HEIGHT=160>
>          <PARAM NAME=base_image VALUE="gifs/java_0_world_20k.jpg">
>          <PARAM NAME=toolType VALUE="XY">
>          <PARAM NAME=img_x_domain VALUE="-180 180">
>          <PARAM NAME=img_y_domain VALUE="-90 90">
>          <PARAM NAME=tool_x_range VALUE="-180 180">
>          <PARAM NAME=tool_y_range VALUE="-90 90">
>          <PARAM NAME=debug VALUE="true">
>       </APPLET>
> Thanks for your help.
> Peggy Li
> Jet Propulsion Laboratory
> (818)354-1341
> peggy.li@jpl.nasa.gov

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