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Comparison Plots: Two Different Variables from Same Dataset

Hi all,

I've just upgraded to the latest version of LAS from CVS. All the 
different combinations of comparison plots work except for one: when I 
try to compare two different variables from either of my TAO datasets.

I'm really stumped as to what could be going wrong. The comparison works 
for all the other datasets on the server: 

This is the error:
Adding an acceptable error string: "*** NOTE: ".
 	Program FERRET  
 	Version 5.22 - 07/27/00
 	23-Jan-02 14:01     

yes? cancel mode verify
yes? cancel mode interp
yes? canc data/all
yes? go std_initialize 
"/modcom/kovach/POSEIDON/PACIFIC/2D/POSEIDON_PACIFIC_2d" "1" "1" 
yes? go std_initialize 
"/modcom/kovach/POSEIDON/PACIFIC/2D/POSEIDON_PACIFIC_2d" "2" "2" 
 **ERROR: unknown data set: d=2
define grid/like=surfaceheight var2_grid_
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

Any help would be appreciated!


Robin Kovach

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