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Re: installation problem


Welcome to the LAS users' group.  It would be most helpful if you could
give us the URL of your LAS so we can test it from here.

As a rule, LAS has only one output window but any new results should
appear in that window, replacing the previous results.  Even in
"compare" mode, there is still only one output window.

-- Jonathan Callahan

John C Cartwright wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am a newcomer to LAS and have a question that probably relates to an
> incorrect install on my part.
> I issue a "Get Data" request and a new window pops up with the results.
> So far so good.  However, if I issue a second request with that first
> result window open, nothing happens.  If I close that first result
> window and reissue the request, a new window appears with the requested
> results. In short, I can seem to have only one result window open at a time.
> Is this the expected since I did not install with the "compare" option?
> Thanks!
> -- john
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> John Cartwright
> Professional Research Assistant / Associate Scientist
> (303) 497-6284
> jcartwright@ngdc.noaa.gov
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