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Re: More on access control for LAS

Hi Jennifer,

I can't reproduce this problem on my Linux LAS/GrADS server, so my guess is that the Apache server process doesn't have access to the directory where the GrADS file is stored.

Have you tried running GrADS outside LAS using the user and group of your Apache server process (on my Redhat system, for instance, that is nobody.nobody)?

"Jennifer M. Adams" wrote:

Dear Experts,

My GrADS-enabled version of LAS is working (thanks, Joe!)
and I am getting ready to serve up some real-time forecast
data in GRIB format. Here's the thing: if the data set I'm
serving is not located underneath the $LASROOT directory,
then the LAS's execution of GrADS can't see the file and I
can't open it, even for read-only purposes. If I execute
GrADS outside the LAS and run the very same script that the
LAS tried to run, it works just fine. When I copied the data
set so it would be underneath $LASROOT, then the LAS worked

It smells like an apache configuration problem, and I found
a brief exchange on a similar issue in the email archives.
Steve Cousins referred to the Directory Tag in the
httpd.conf file, and although his solution was for
*restricting* access to certain data directories, I think
the implementation is probably similar. Here's what we've
added, where /var/homes/wxdata/dodsdata is the top directory
where the GRIB data is located:

<Directory "/var/homes/wxdata/dodsdata">
   Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks

Unfortunately, this change made no difference to the LAS,
even after re-configuring and shift-reloading. I'd like the
LAS to access this directory and anything underneath it. The
data files there are all readable by everyone (i.e.,
-rw-rw-r--) Can anyone tell me what would be the right way
to configure it?

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Miletta Adams
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
4041 Powder Mill Road, Suite 302
Calverton, MD 20705-3106
Phone: (301)902-1278 or (301)595-7000
Fax:   (301)595-9793
Email: jma@cola.iges.org

Joe Sirott
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