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Re: Ferret and netCDF...

Hi Ferret users -

Gary Strand just pointed out Ferret does not yet automatically recognize files
ending in .nc as NetCDF, when you use the "set data" command with no

Until this can be remedied, you may open the data set with the alias "use", or
specify the format when opening the file using "set data/format=cdf".  For

  use my_cdf_dataset.nc

or equivalently

 set data/format=cdf my_cdf_dataset.nc

to open these .nc files.



On Jul 25, 10:16am, Gary Strand wrote:
> Subject: Ferret and netCDF...
> One little 'quirk' I've noticed that's still present in v4.3 - when a netCDF
> file is suffixed '.nc' (the standard) instead of '.cdf' (the old standard)
> ret goes into convulsions. I get tons of:
>  d_type
>  d_format
>  d_source_class
>  d_source
>  d_subsource
>  d_prog_rev
>  $end $format_record
> running up my screen, needing a ^Z and kill %1 to correct. Is there a fix in
> the plans for ferret so that a 'set dat X.nc' doesn't continue to do this?
> ferret v4.30 on Sun Sparc 10 model 41 running SunOS 5.4 and X.
> --
> Gary Strand
> strandwg@ncar.ucar.edu
>-- End of excerpt from Gary Strand


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