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Shade/fill key questions

2 different things that I am trying to do. Does anyone know how to accomplish

1) Changing the pen in the key. I have used
	ppl pen,0,8
   and all the lines and labels EXCEPT those in the key are changed. The key is
    left untouched.

2) Format of labels in the key. What I would like to do is something equivalent
	ppl yfor,(sp,f4.1)
   where sp appends the optional + sign to positive values. I would be happy to
   just get all the same precision in my labels. Right now, I get levels like:
    etc., and I would prefer 4.0, for example. I have tried playing with the
    klab_dig parameter in the SHAKEY command and it doesn't appear to change

Oh, one last thing (part 3 of 2?): In the 4.00 and greater release notes, the
comment about the -unmapped command line option states:
	-unmapped:  use invisible output windows
	            (useful for creating animations and GIF files)
But if I try to create a GIF file (using FRAME) when I have started ferret with
the -unmapped option I get completely black GIF files (it works great
otherwise). Is anyone else experiencing this? Possibly important caveat: I am
on an SGI.

	Thanks! - mark


	      Mark Verschell (verschell@coaps.fsu.edu)
	      Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies
	      Florida State University
              2035 E. Paul Dirac Drive
              R.M. Johnson Bldg. - Suite 200
	      Tallahassee, FL  32310
	      (904) 644-6532              (904) 644-4841 (fax)

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