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[ferret_users] multi_xaxis and colours and line styles

Hi All,


I am drawing oceanic depth-temperature plots for values in the present day, and into the future e.g. 2016,2030 & 2090. On top of these I am overlaying additional oceanic variables for the same time slices.


What I have done thus far:


go multi_xaxis_plot1  ts[d=1],ts[d=2],ts[d=3] 2 !

go multi_xaxis_overlay ph[d=1],ph[d=2],ph[d=3] 1 "-" "7.5,8.2,0.1" "pH" " " 0.6 !

go multi_xaxis_overlay pco2[d=1],pco2[d=2],pco2[d=3] 2 "-" "300,900,50" "pCO2"  " " 0.6 !


Which works very well, however the colours are different for each line and therefore it’s impossible to decipher the 9 lines.


What I would like to do, thereby making it easier to read, is to draw in (say) black, the ts[d=1] as a solid line, ts[d=2] as a dashed line, and ts[d=3] as a different dashed line. Then repeat this with pH and pCO2 in (say) red and green. In summary 3 colours, one for each variable, with the time slices marked by the same line style.


Does anyone know how this can be done? Or a way around this?


Thanks in advance,






Dr Andrew Lenton

Senior Research Scientist

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

PO Box 1538

Hobart, Australia

+61 (0)3 6232 5472

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