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[ferret_users] Ferret unit conversion

    I would like to know the unit conversions in ferret while doing integration, differentiation and other transformations. I have a vague idea about how ferret is considering the units. First of all my data is in daily format. My variables are v1(in kg) and v2(in kg/s). I want to calculate forward derivative of v1 w.r.t time(v1[T=@DDF]) and v2[x=@sum,y=@sum]. My question is whether it necessary to convert my v1 in terms of seconds before applying transformations also @sum over spatial axes(v2[x=@sum,y=@sum]) makes any changes in its unit..
Could you please help me to sort out this.
Looking forward your reply.
With Regards,
Krishnapriya M
Senior Research Fellow,
Ocean Integrated Biogeochemical Modeling Group(OIBM),
National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO),

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