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[ferret_users] Error signal 11


   I'm experiencing some trouble with Ferret since a week or two and I can't figure out what is the main problem. When I try to run a script, Ferret seems to crash with this error message:  **ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 11

For the same script, sometimes it works and some other time it doesn't.

Does anyone know what signal=11 is? What can cause the crash?

Here is an example of the script, I'm trying to calculate the mean density in the mixed layer depth.

yes? cancel data/all

yes? cancel view

yes? SET MEMORY/SIZE=20000

 Cached data cleared from memory

yes? let sigma0_diff_10_pi = sigma0[d=5] - 0.5*(sigma0[d=5,k=1]+sigma0[d=5,k=2])

yes? let mld_dbm_pi = if( sigma0_diff_10_pi[k=@max] GT 0.03 ) then sigma0_diff_10_pi[z=@loc:0.03] else deptho[d=4]

yes? let mld_1000= if (mld_dbm_pi GT 1000) then mld_dbm_pi else 0

yes? let mask=if (mld_1000 NE 0) then 1

yes? let sigZ=sigma0[d=5,z=@ave]

yes? let sigma=sigZ*mask

yes? let sigT=sigma[l=@ave]

yes? list sigT

**ERROR Ferret crash; signal = 11

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much


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