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[ferret_users] Announcing the official release of Ferret version 6.93 and PyFerret 1.1.0

* * * Announcing the official release of Ferret version 6.93 and   PyFerret 1.1.0  * * *

This release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements. The Release Notes are here

Pyferret  version 1.1.0  incorporates Ferret v6.93 and a number of enhancements particularly to the graphics. The PyFerret notes are here: http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/pyferret/known-issues/

and there are updates to other PyFerret pages, http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/Ferret/documentation/pyferret

This version of Ferret is required for the upcoming release of LAS Version 8.2

Happy Ferreting!

Ansley Manke, Karl smith

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