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Re: [ferret_users] How to merge daily and monthly data file in Ferret

Dear Dona Clara,

> Daily data I am having from 1985 to 2012 total 27 files, and monthly
> data I am having from 1958 to 2012 total 54 files, finally I want to
> create single file, 

what do you want to do with the overlapping period?

> please explain how to define time axis for daily
> and monthly data and moving data into grid.

As I said, please read up on the "define axis" command in the manual.
You can find it here:


You'll need to decide if you want all data on a daily axis, or all
data on a monthly axis.  Once you decide that,

1)    define your new axis, covering 1958-2012
2)    define a new variable on the new axis, e.g.

      let new_montly_data = old_daily_data[gt=my_monthly_time_axis@ave]

3)    decide how to deal with duplicate data.  Do you want to average
      them, or choose daily over monthly?

4)    Assuming you want daily data where it is available, combine the
      two variables with something like

      let my_combined_data = if (new_monthly_data) then \
               new_monthly_data else old_monthly_data

Kind regards,
     Hein Zelle


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