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Re: [ferret_users] plot/vs and axes

Hi Ansley,

Thank you for your response.

| but doing a shade plot first isn't really much of a
| burden, is it?

No, not any longer. :-)  I mean, I had to think a lot
and do some research before arriving at a satisfactory
solution.   For example, I didn't know the existence
of the NODATA_LAB feature.

The thing is, I want to minimize the number of objects
generated into the final PostScript file.  Doing the
same SHADE twice would double the number of objects.

One drawback of that is the size of the resultant
PostScript file.

I usually create my presentations in PDF, into which
I import PostScript figures.  So, I often find my
presentation so "heavy" that the PDF viewer renders
it too slowly, which is painful.  This happens when
I include plots from high-resolution data (like that
of an eddy-resolving model).

And then the PostScript editor I use is so slow
that it's painful to edit a big file.

So, simply doing the same SHADE twice isn't a good
solution to me.  I then came up with this solution:

  let nothing = temp + 0/0 !! all missing
  cancel mode NODATA_LAB 
  SHADE/ . . .  nothing  !! just to plot the axes.

In place of this, you can also plot a variable with
an out-of-range LEVEL.

| First, a small thing, in your script, you have
|   ! cancel NODATA_LAB  !! doesn't work on my Ferret version.
| That should be cancel MODE NODATA_LAB.

Ah, that was my mistake.  Yes, as you suspected,
I just forgot the word "MODE" and thought my version didn't
support it.  Thanks for correcting me.


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