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Re: [ferret_users] saving seasonal values on to a continuos time axis

Hai  Nuncio,
          How are you?  I usually extract months, the way you want, as follows.This jnl file i saw somewhere in ferret threads provided by Jaison (i think). 

        use sst.nc
        let month=l[gt=temp]
        let DJF = if (mod(month,12) le 2) OR (mod(month,12) le 2) then 1
        let MAM = if (mod(month,12) ge 3) AND (mod(month,12) le 5) then 1
        let JJA = if (mod(month,12) ge 6) AND (mod(month,12) le 8) then 1
        let SON = if (mod(month,12) ge 9) AND (mod(month,12) le 11) then 1
        let winter_sst=temp*DJF
        let spring_sst=temp*MAM
        let summer_sst=temp*JJA
        let fall_sst  =temp*SON

    let sst_compr = COMPRESSL(wintersst)
        list/x=60/y=15/l=1:10  sst_compr

       ! 1870-2010 --> 140 years --> 140*3=420 data points (time axis)

    !defining to abstract axes one to put the data on the time axis

    define axis/t=1:420:1 t420
    let sst_djf = winter_sst[gt=t420@ASN]
    list/x=60/y=15/t=1:10 sst_djf   !(or we can save the data or plot)
    ! we can extract the MAM, JJA, SON same as above. Please take care in case of DJF values extraction and check before you use the extracted data.

- Paul.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 2:40 PM, <nuncio@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Ferreters
    I like to save all the JJA,SON,DJF values of a 30 year long time series of global SST to seperate files on to  a continuous time axis.  My data begins at 1980 january and ends at 2010 dec
I need to save 30*3 values continuously, ie after I make each file, t axis must run from 1 to 90, with out bad values in between.

Best regards

Nuncio Murukesh, Ph.D
Research Scientist.
National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
Headland Sada, Vasco Da Gama
Goa, 403804
Ph: Cell-91 9890357423
   off- 91 832 2525428

Steeven Paul Y                              
Research Fellow
National Institute of Oceanography(NIO)
Regional Center, Visakhapatnam (RCV)                 
176 Lawsons Bay Colony
Visakhapatnam - 530017

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