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[ferret_users] saving seasonal values on to a continuos time axis

Dear Ferreters
     I like to save all the JJA,SON,DJF values of a 30 year long time series of global SST to seperate files on to  a continuous time axis.  My data begins at 1980 january and ends at 2010 dec
I need to save 30*3 values continuously, ie after I make each file, t axis must run from 1 to 90, with out bad values in between.

Best regards

Nuncio Murukesh, Ph.D
Research Scientist.
National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research
Headland Sada, Vasco Da Gama
Goa, 403804
Ph: Cell-91 9890357423
    off- 91 832 2525428

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