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Re: [ferret_users] calendar names lowercase, monthly noleap output

Hi Patrick,

| Just a note on a problem of calendar names that are written with
| uppercase.
| It causes troubles with CDO (climate data operators)
| http://www.mpimet.mpg.de/cdo

I would ask the developer(s) of that application to fix
the problem, for two reasons: 1) The CF standard (it seems)
recommends ignoring case; 2) whatever the standard says,
case-sensitivity produces more problems than benefits in such
a case as this.

| And indeed the CF convention mentions that one should use "noleap" and
| not "NOLEAP".

But, the standard seems to say specifically that cases should be ignored:

  2.6. Attributes

  This standard describes many attributes (some mandatory, others
  optional), . . .  When this standard defines string attributes that
  may take various prescribed values, the possible values are
  generally given in lower case. However, applications programs should
  not be sensitive to case in these attributes.




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