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[ferret_users] change the pseudo variable name

Hi ferreters:
I am having a model out put of >2.7GB. The data is saved in netcdf format.
The variable for Temperature is specified with "T" in the data. Since T is a pseudo variable for time in ferret, I am getting an error message as below always.
fill/K=1/L=1 T
 **ERROR: dimensions improperly specified: must be a 2D region
          CONTOUR/FILL/K=1/L=1 T
list/K=1:78/X=115/Y=115/L=1 T
             VARIABLE : T
                        axis ABSTRACT
             T        : 1

The list T gives the value of L which is equal to 1 in this case.

list/K=1:78/X=115/Y=115/L=2 T
             VARIABLE : T
                        axis ABSTRACT
             T        : 2
Here I get the value 2 since time is 2 (L=2) now

Is there anyway to change the pseudo variable name using ferret?
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance



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