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[ferret_users] calendar names lowercase, monthly noleap output


Just a note on a problem of calendar names  that are written with uppercase.
It causes troubles with CDO (climate data operators)

And indeed the CF convention mentions that one should use "noleap" and not "NOLEAP".
Same for other calendar names

Tested with last ferret v6.61
yes? def axis/t="01-JAN-2010":"31-DEC-2011":1/units="days"/cal="noleap" mytaxis
yes? save/clobber/file=file_noleap.nc t[gt=mytaxis]

netcdf file_noleap {
       MYTAXIS = UNLIMITED ; // (730 currently)
       double MYTAXIS(MYTAXIS) ;
               MYTAXIS:units = "DAYS since 1901-01-15 00:00:00" ;
               MYTAXIS:axis = "T" ;
               MYTAXIS:calendar = "NOLEAP" ;

By the way, it should be nice to find a way to define easily a
time axis with days units in a noleap calendar for monthy output
For now, I use the following lines

let year_ref=($01)
let year_start=($02)
let year_end=($03)

let nbyears=year_end-year_start+1
let nbdays={31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31}

DEFINE AXIS/UNITS="days"/T0="01-JAN-`year_ref`"/EDGES/CAL="noleap" monthaxis = `(year_start-year_ref)*365`+xcat(0,xsequence(365*(j[j=1:`nbyears`]-1)+nbdays[i=@rsum]))
show axis monthaxis


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