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Re: non-ortogonal grid

Hi Mario,
You can have variables lon and lat in a NetCDF file, corresponding to
variables like wind_speed and temperature at the locations described by
lon and lat. All of the variables lon, lat, wind_speed, temperature would
be on the same 1-D abstract axis: that is, they would be on an axis whose
coordinates are simple indices 1, 2, 3, ... describing the count of lon,lat
I don't know how that fits in with your FORTRAN function insert_point.
The list of locations lon,lat can be listed along any coordinate axis.

Ferret can use such data in a couple of ways: If there is an underlying curvilinear
grid like you have, you can use the 3-argument shade or fill commands to visualize
the variables,

yes? SHADE temperature, lon, lat

Look for new functions in the next release of Ferret that will let you regrid data
from a curvilinear grid such as this to a rectangular grid.

Or, if the data represented scattered data then you can call the Ferret SCAT2GRID
functions to interpolate the data onto a rectangular grid.

Ansley Manke

Mario Germano wrote:

Hi everybody,

I am experiencing difficulties in inserting grid points in a cdf file (using
FORTRAN) because these points have all different lon-lat coordinates: they
are not uniformly distributed on an orthogonal grid, but rather on a rotated
Ideally I'd like to be able to insert points one by one using a syntax like:
insert_point(lon,lat,wind_speed, temperature,...)
I ignore if such a thing is possible.
Thanks in advance for answering my question.


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