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Running jnl files from a Unix command line

I'm having problems running SOME jnl files from the command line.

I have jnl files that run fine if I run them from within Ferret with a "go"

However, I run the very same jnl file with "ferret -gif < jnlfile.jnl" and
Ferret seems to pick up running the script midway through the script and of
course errors out.

It appears to have something to do with the script size (about 17 lines)
because I ran smaller, very similar scripts of 8 lines and they work fine.

I've tried:

 - Putting in a -memsize switch which seems to have an effect on where in
the script ferret starts interpretting.  The higher the memsize number, the
later in the script it start running. No number let it run successfully

 - I tried bogusing in lines at the top of the script, but that too causes
Ferret to start interpretting later in the script.

If there's something in the archives about this, I can't find it.

Any thoughts?  Ideas for a work-around?


Bruce W. Ford

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