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Re: Vectors and module in an alternative way

Hi Salvador,
Ferret could do this in only a very rudimentary way, using the VECTOR/COLOR
option and a mask, along these lines: If the velocity is in a variable called vel,
and the component vectors are u, v:

let velmask = if vel le 10 then 1
let umask = u * velmask
let vmask = v * velmask
plot/color=red umask, vmask

let velmask = if vel gt 10 and vel lt 15 then 1
plot/over/color=blue umask, vmask


This is limited by the very few colors available for the COLOR=
The polygon command has the ability to color the polygons
according to the value of a variable, but the way VECTOR is
implemented does not allow this. Could one use the POLYGON
command to do such a plot? Anyone want to think about that?

Salvador Calabria Montero wrote:

Hello everybody:

I have got a NetCDF set of wind data and I'd like to get a draw like this:
The field of velocity modules and the field of vectors in this way: vectors coloured follwing the velocity module and a set of levels defined. In other words, instead of having a velocity field and a vector field overlaying it, i wonder if it is possible to get such configuration from Ferret.
Thank in advance for your help

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