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Re: Running jnl files from a Unix command line

Hi Bruce or Jennifer,

I solved the problem by creating an auxiliar file
(aux.jnl) with a single line:
go jnlfile

and running ferret with: ferret -gif < aux.jnl
instead ferret -gif < jnlfile.jnl



Bruce or Jennifer Ford wrote:
> I'm having problems running SOME jnl files from the command line.
> I have jnl files that run fine if I run them from within Ferret with a "go"
> command.
> However, I run the very same jnl file with "ferret -gif < jnlfile.jnl" and
> Ferret seems to pick up running the script midway through the script and of
> course errors out.
> It appears to have something to do with the script size (about 17 lines)
> because I ran smaller, very similar scripts of 8 lines and they work fine.
> I've tried:
>  - Putting in a -memsize switch which seems to have an effect on where in
> the script ferret starts interpretting.  The higher the memsize number, the
> later in the script it start running. No number let it run successfully
> though.
>  - I tried bogusing in lines at the top of the script, but that too causes
> Ferret to start interpretting later in the script.
> If there's something in the archives about this, I can't find it.
> Any thoughts?  Ideas for a work-around?
> Bruce
> ------------------------
> Bruce W. Ford

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