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date systems


I'm looking for a date/time system to use with a model I'm running.  I'd
like to create an netCDF variable called ocean_time with units that ferret
would be able to interpret as a date.  ocean_time must be a real number.

Does ferret recognize either Modified Julian Date (day 0.0 = midnight Nov
17, 1858) or Truncated Julian Date (day 0.0 = midnight May 24, 1968)?  Is
there a widely recognized date system that starts on Jan 1, of any year?
I've heard rumours of a Dublin Julian Date, starting on 1/1/1900, but
can't find any concrete info on it.

If ferret can use any of these, what netCDF attributes would signal to
ferret that a number is MJD (or whatever)?  Do I have to use a descriptor
file instead?

Thanks alot,

Elizabeth L. Dobbins
Research Scientist
phone: (206) 526-4581

"Various forms of jiggery-pokery were used to suit 
horses to courses."  -- Michael Burleigh

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