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Re: date systems

On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Elizabeth Dobbins wrote:

ferret will be happy with Julian date, but it can does the
real Calendar as standard. Have a look in the online ferret


under time/calendars

For my netCDF files I create a variable called time and ferret
will automatically recognize it as the time coordicate.
It is a real number fine, but I do not know how you would
do it if you can't call the variable "time" but something
else and have ferret automatically recognizing it as time

The beauty of ferret and netCDF is that if you call you
variables time latitude and longitude ferret will know
that these are the coordinates and use them to set up the
coordinate system automatically - it then draws the land
masks on the right spot, does conversions with the correct

If you do not use those names you can still set up your
coordinate system and give it the right units (degree lon and
so on) and then everything works just as fine.

'hope that helped,

> Hi;
> I'm looking for a date/time system to use with a model I'm running.  I'd
> like to create an netCDF variable called ocean_time with units that ferret
> would be able to interpret as a date.  ocean_time must be a real number.
> Does ferret recognize either Modified Julian Date (day 0.0 = midnight Nov
> 17, 1858) or Truncated Julian Date (day 0.0 = midnight May 24, 1968)?  Is
> there a widely recognized date system that starts on Jan 1, of any year?
> I've heard rumours of a Dublin Julian Date, starting on 1/1/1900, but
> can't find any concrete info on it.
> If ferret can use any of these, what netCDF attributes would signal to
> ferret that a number is MJD (or whatever)?  Do I have to use a descriptor
> file instead?
> Thanks alot,
> Liz
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