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Ferret coredumps (font problem?)

I'm trying to run Ferret (from home) and it's repeatedly crashing on with with a bus error. If I use dbx on the corefile, although it's hard to know where Ferret calls top and the system starts it looks like Ferret is failing on 'call setfont'.

I'm using eXodus 8 on a Mac. However, it's not obviously a font problem because it only crashes on one netcdf file. This file is different from ones which work fine in that the grid the data is on is much bigger. So it could be a memory problem.

Any ideas?


dbx gives the following stack trace :

call __f_clos
call __f_open_nv
call setfont_
call symbel_
call symwid_
call box_label_
call put_key_

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