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Re: Segmentation Fault in Redhat 7.2

Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to let you know that I had the exact same error all last
week when executing the "frame/file=junk.gif" command, which I also
solved by running "ferret -gif".  My situation is a little different - I
work at a Redhat linux station via a ssh connection to a Sun workstation
on which ferret is installed.  I assumed it was some conflict in this
mode of operation, but maybe it is a general problem with Redhat Linux. 
I tried the same thing by running a ssh from another Sun station, and
got no conflict.  Sorry - no solution to offer, but at least now you
know the error is not unique to your installation!


"Bruce W. Ford" wrote:
> I couldn't surmise from the archives if anyone
> actually figured out why segmentation faults occur.
> I get mine after ferret runs my script (subtracts
> datasets, computes vectors, overlays data, writes to a
> file).  The segmentation fault happens after all of
> this, closing my graphic window and exiting ferret.
> The script executes completely, then errors.
> When I run ferret with the -gif switch, I don't get
> the error.  This makes me think it's a display
> problem.  I don't get these errors with all script and
> I haven't identified the pattern yet why some script
> trigger the problem and others don't.
> The archives hint at large dataset being the problem.
> Does anyone have the latest on this problem?
> Thanks in advance!
> Bruce
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