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Re: Linux version of ferret printout and saving queries

Shankar Doraiswamy described the use of metafiles to produce
postscript output.  You can also make gif files from Ferret graphics
with this sequence:

   yes? (your plotting commands)
   yes? FRAME/FORMAT=gif/FILE=filename.gif

For more on these options, see "hard copy", "GIF image",  and
"FRAME"  in the Ferret Users Guide:

Ansley Manke

Sachin Bhandare wrote:

> Hi ferret users,
>          I have succesfully installed linux version of
> ferretand I have plotted contours by using ferret.My
> problem is that I want to take printout of the contour
> and Also to save the image of the contour.
>          Does any one know about the above problem
> please convey me as early as posiible.
> cheers
> sachin
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