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queries about data reading

Hi ferret users,

 Our data contains 52 columns and 8760 rows in ASCII format.the filename is try.dat.Now we are giving following commands

yes?define axis/x=1:52:1 x10

yes?define axis/y=1:8760:1

yes?define grid/x=x10/y=y10 g10

yes?file/var=v1/columns=52/grid=g10 try.dat

yes?contour v1

we have got contours but the range is from 1 to 52.But we want to change it.Data is not in regular interval.tell us to define x-axis scales.X is vary from 0.04 to 352.

Also we have saved the x-axis file in another file called x40.dat.While our other file try.dat is data file.We want to use both files for contour plotting .we don't know how to handle multiple files for multiple variables.Does any one know about our problem.Please convey us .



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