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FOCI Cruise Planning Information

January 2002


Hazardous Materials

Chief Scientist Information

Participating Scientist Information

Cruise Instructions: NOAA Ship Miller Freeman:

Instructions for using templates

Examples of cruise instruction sections
bullet Cruise Instructions RTF format. This template is used to provide specific instructions for each cruise. It is complemented by the Standard Operating Instructions.
2.5 Personnel (example)
3.4 Cruise Plan (example)
3.6 Station Operations (example)
7.0 Hazardous Materials (example)
bullet Standard Operating Instructions: RTF format, Miller Freeman. Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) complement specific instructions for each cruise. SOI are filed to the ship at the beginning of each field season. Individual operations templates have been updated and are contained in these Standard Operating Instructions.
bullet Standard Operating Instructions (HTML Format)
Index to Individual Operations
Appendix: SCS Sensor Specification (HTML Format)

Cruise Instructions: NOAA Ship Ron Brown

  • Ship-provided guidance
  • Applicable Standard Operating Instructions (RTF format, Ron Brown)
  • Applicable Standard Operating Instructions (HTML)
  • Cruise Instructions: Oregon State UNOLS Wecoma:

    bullet Online Cruise Planning Manual

    Template for Cruise Report

    Cruise Report : RTF format

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